Blogging for Business 

Want more (of the RIGHT) eyes on your website?  👀

Does this sound familiar?

Is your website “just sitting there”, not bringing you in new clients or growing your email list?

Maybe you don’t feel like enough of an expert to blog or you don’t know what to write about?

(When I first started blogging I was terrified that someone would read what I wrote, but I quickly realised that visitors to my website were a good thing!)

Or perhaps you haven’t a notion about tech and blogging sounds way too complicated?

If any of the above are true for you, you’re in the right place.

Website traffic increased by 30%

Jackie McGloughlin

Grow your business with blogging

Here’s what you get when you join Blogging for Business 

Blogging for Business

Join now and get access to Bonus Modules on SEO

Checklists and Swipe Files

So that you don’t accidentally forget a crucial step that could give your blog the edge

Tips to optimise your blog for search engines

Without boring the pants off the humans who’re reading your content

Content bank

So you’re never stuck for something to blog about

Module #1

Discover how blogging can help your SEO

Module #2

Content ideas – SEO keyword research

Module #3

Formatting your blogs and sourcing compelling images (that won’t get you into trouble)

Module #4

Optimising content

Module #5

Batching content

Module #6

Repurposing content

What People Say

Marie you show amazing tools, encourage and support us to put pen to paper or tap away at the keyboard and it does get easier. The difference it has made with comments and people visiting our website is significant. Thank you.

Andrea Dalton & Florence Bray

It was never easy for me to sit in front of the computer and write. I still draft articles with a pen if I
feel the need. But since I began to work on my website and got the professional guidance of Marie, I
am becoming more disciplined in my work.
Marie allows the creativity to come through when we work together. Now instead of feeling stuck I
have a list of ideas teased out in our sessions. My to do list allows me to decide what I will work on
each day I am writing.
My approach has changed and the fear of whatever that fear is, is gone, and replaced with a more
compassionate view of my own writings. I know in the past I have judged myself harshly, which in
turn blocks me from allowing my writings to become reality.
Marie’s background in teaching, counselling, and mental health support, gives anyone looking for
guidance in this personal and vulnerable area, a great advantage in achieving their goal.

Anne Marie Tymlin

I was struggling with the technical skills needed to create a blog. I also struggled with the idea of putting my voice, my knowledge in writing. Would it be understood? Would it be of value to others?I found it easy and fun to learn with Marie. I’d highly recommend Marie, a knowledgeable insightful , kind and patient teacher.

I got to create my own blogs that I feel proud of and I’m gaining confidence in my abilities.

I like the structure and the pace of the course. I look forward to our live events each week . Thank You .

Elsie Cummins

Hi, I’m Marie

Web Designer & SEO Specialist

I’ve been featured in the press, written guest blogs and had a regular column with an online magazine. 

I’ve also been a guest on the Women in WordPress podcast.

I love helping small business owners to promote their businesses by blogging.

When you join the Live Round, you get to pick my brain and have fun with other business owners, in an informal setting. In other words, you’ll be doing a bit of networking, but in an ick-free way!

I like creating a safe space where you can ask questions, get support and make friends so that you’re not struggling on your own. 




More eyes on your website = more potential clients

Join now and access bonus content on blogging for SEO


Still unsure? Here’s what clients say about the course

I was unsure of what to write about. How to share my topics, my expertise, my experience. How to make relevant to my audience.

I am able to write a blog post. The feedback has been very positive from my peers on my course as well as my parents and teachers. I am thoroughly enjoying the process. The blogging course has opened my mind in so many ways. And I am excited to explore new avenues for my business

Adrienne Lee

I wanted to start a blog but didn’t know how to even start from both content and practicalities of actually posting it and getting it out there.

I am have now posted three blogs, one per month since I started the course. Marie has shown us how to come up with ideas, and write the blogs to get the right tone, length, and images.

She gave us lots of practical assistance such as websites to analyse how strong your title is, where to look for images and much much more.

What cannot be emphasised enough is the community Marie built with all the participants. She encouraged us to read other participants’ blogs and provide feedback to each other which was an enormous help in bolstering our self-confidence. Even though I have gone through one iteration of the course, I occasionally log on for the chat and fun and laughs as well as refreshing what there is to learn.

Helen Dillon

Thank you so much, Marie for your endless patience, support & expertise during the recent blogging course. You have transformed a complete beginner in the world of social media & blogging, by giving me the tools & more importantly the confidence to create content.

I particularly enjoyed our practical group sessions, sharing friendly & constructive comments & tips with you and the group in a safe place – there were many ‘light bulb moments’ for me!

This is a must attend course for anyone like me who feels like a ‘Junior Infant’ on their first day of school, when they think about social media & blogging.

This is much more than just a blogging course! I look forward to participating in another of your courses very soon!

Alison Furney

When I first signed up to Marie’s Blogging Course, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I figured in my own head … Good luck with this one Marie as I am not what I would have considered a writer, an author or a journalist!! That didn’t bother Marie. 

She had very definite lesson plans in place. She knew how to lead the lesson and how much information to give me in relation to my ability. She even made me feel like I was coming up with the ideas to write about all by myself!! 

Marie’s teaching style is very gentle and encouraging. Her years of teaching infants helps her to adapt and modify her lesson plans to suit the pace of her students for sure. 
During the 1st blogging course, I felt the support and encouragement from Marie to just let the words come to me and write. I surprised myself by how much I was enjoying the process. I was getting to grips with images to put with the script and I enjoyed making the layout of the information as user friendly as possible. It was great to have Marie’s watchful eye hovering over the process and that helped my confidence grow.  
I enjoyed the course so much I went back and did it a second time. By now, I am writing my own posts, doing all the parts myself. I am laying out the script with headings and paragraphs. I can add the various images to go with it including back links to other blogs. The most amazing part for me is that I can confidently and easily upload the entire blog on my website and hit publish. 
There is more to blogging than meets the eye, but with Marie guiding you through the process, you’ll be doing it like a pro in a very short space of time… and it’ll even feel like a fun thing to do.
Watch out for my blogs …. Why? 
Because I am delighted to know that they keep my SEO’s on my website in  working order even while I sleep at night!! That’s an added bonus my friends!
Thank you Marie for educating me on the wonderful benefits and the enjoyment which is to be gained from blogging.
Helen Doyle

A great mix of content (supportive live group sessions, recorded material, tips on resources, lovely summaries for the modules)

Jackie McGloughlin

I was unsure on how to structure a blog
what I would/could write about – content
Blogging with no website
just getting started

Connection with a lovely group of ladies learning and inspiring together
I now have a structure and an idea on how to create a blog that will bring traffic to the website (when I have one) and that it’s not necessary to have one to get started.
Great ideas and info from different platforms that can be used and ways of researching guest writing and sharing with others in similar line of business to promote both businesses
Lots of learning in in relaxed and fun environment.

Great course. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone sitting on the fence. thank you

Barbara Byrne

Frequently asked questions

When is the Live Round?

The course starts on the 7th of July at 7 p.m. and runs for 6 weeks.

I'm really busy, will I have time to do the course?

Yes! There’s a live call every Thursday for six weeks to answer your questions, but you also get lifetime access to the recordings (for the life of the course) so don’t worry if you can’t make every call. 

There’s also a Facebook group where you can pop any questions, or share a draft blog for feedback from me and the other course participants, so that will speed up your blogging.

I don't like writing, is this course for me?

Yes, there’s no red pen and no one is going to criticise your writing. I’ll show you helpful tools to help polish up your grammar and spelling and create compelling headlines to hook the reader in, but you don’t have to be a “good writer” to get the most out of this course.

If you are able to help clients 1:1 or in groups, then you’re able to blog in a way that helps potential clients to understand the value of what you do.


I've never blogged before, will this be too hard for me?

No! I used to teach junior infants, in other words, I know exactly how to break things down so that my lessons are easy to understand

I’m also someone who had 50 driving lessons, so I know the value of a patient teacher!

Many former course participants had never blogged before, so don’t worry if you’re just starting out.

I've already blogged before but nobody visits my website

It sounds like you need help with SEO, luckily for you I’m an SEO specialist and I’ll walk you through how to get found online (just remember this isn’t a magic wand – you’ll have to take action on what you learn!)

I have a different question that isn't answered here

I’d love to hear it, pop me a message – and I’ll come back to you. wink