Set up Google Analytics

Why do this at the start of the course?

Because the information you can start to gather is absolute gold and the sooner you start collecting it, the better! You’ll get so much insight into what’s working well/what needs to be tweaked in terms of your marketing. I guarantee you most small business owners are not doing this, so you are giving yourself a headstart to stand out amongst the competition. Keep reading the next question if you’re not convinced yet!

Why set up Google Analytics?

Google Analytics can give you lots of insights about visitors to your website

  • where they came from (organic search, social media, a referral, etc.) – this can help you to see which marketing efforts are paying off for you!
  • your most popular pages (you may choose to add a freebie or paid offer here), so you can move visitors along the client journey
  • engagement rates – such as how long visitors are staying on a page
  • new versus returning visitors
  • where your users are based

How to set up Google Analytics

Make sure that you mention Google Analytics in your privacy policy. Contact Eileen Ireland if you need a privacy policy (not an affiliate link).