Set up Google Search Console

N.B. you will need login details for your website host CPanel to set up on Google Search Console.

If you give this a go/are too scared to give this a go on your own there are two things you can do instead – either contact your host and ask for help or book a call and I’ll help you figure it out!


  1. Go to Google Search Console

2. Click “start now”

3. Type your website “” into the grey shaded area in the image below.

4. Click “continue”

5. You will see a screen similar to the one shown below, click “copy” opposite the section with the code.

5. Log in to your CPanel

6. Scroll down to “DNS functions” – “DNS Zone Editor (see image below)

7. Select a domain – Click on the upside-down triangle and select the name of your website. Then click ” add type record”

8. Select “txt” (see image below)

9. Record name – @ Paste in the code you copied earlier and hit “save record” (see image below)

10. Go back to Google Search Console, hit “verify”

11. Hit “done” (see image below)