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Is your website just sitting there? Maybe you’ve shared about it once or twice on social media and now you’re left wondering why you aren’t getting many visitors?

Massive congratulations on getting your website finished, I know first hand how much work goes into it, whether you have built it yourself or worked with a web designer.

The thing is, when you announce your website to your audience, you need to focus on why it matters to THEM.

That’s why I created this kit containing email and social media content to help you to:

  • Create a buzz around your new website (even if you have a tiny audience)
  • Build hype and avoid launching to crickets
  • Attract more visitors to your website

I’ve given you examples or prompts to show you ways that you could phrase each post, but feel free to tweak the copy (words)  to be aligned with your brand and voice! Think of it as choosing your own adventure and use the ideas as you see fit.