CREATE YOUR COURSE (even if you don’t have a website!)  

Have you ever wondered how to create your own online course, but just didn’t have a clue how to go about it?

Maybe the idea for a course has been circling round in your head, but you don’t know how to create videos, ebooks and how to set up all the tech so that you get paid?

CREATE YOUR COURSE  is the solution that gives you the tech hacks, support and accountability you need to finally create your course resources (slides/videos/ebooks) and host them on an online platform so that you can sell your course over and over again (even if you’re not “techy”! 

You’ll have access to the process I’ve used myself and led clients through to get our courses online and selling. 

This will be a small group format, with lots of live support and access to step-by-step video training so that your course is no longer just an idea.

Imagine the difference it could make to your business to be able to offer an online course you can sell over and over again. 

It’s sad but true – CREATE YOUR COURSE will not be available until the end of November 2021, and only for a few days 🙁

We kick off the live training in January, but you’ll have access to the video training immediately so that you can get a head start.